Ecosugheri, your trusted partner for the extraction, preparation and commercialization of Sardinian cork.

Ecosugheri Srl is the creation of experienced professionals who have decided, after years of independent work, to make the most of their skills by working on a shared project, that is emphasizing the value of Sardinian cork. Ecosugheri main activities are: Sardinian raw cork extraction, preparation and commercialization. Such production is highly characterized by excellence, tradition, ingeniousness and quality, which are actually the founding and most characteristic values of the “Made in Italy” label in the world.

The Italian cork industry processes about 20 thousand tons of raw material and is mainly concentrated in the Alta Gallura region (North Eastern Sardinia), where the district of Calangianus and Tempio Pausania is located. Here the 70% of the national raw cork amount is processed. Well it is right here, in one of the 100 small yet big Italian municipalities, where some real masterpieces are crafted, that Ecosugheri draws its roots. Our target is to combine the mastery of ancestral gestures of a timeless art together with the freshness of an innovative approach, which looks at the future of both the cork and its land.

According to a recent publication by Senate of the Italian Republic, Italy concentrates the 6% of the world production and therefore it represents one of the global leaders of the sector, right behind Portugal and Spain. Sardinia is able to produce a significant amount of excellent quality cork, so why shouldn’t we give voice to the extraordinary potential of this raw material by awakening any possible local and foreign consumer to our commitment?

Ecosugheri is a mixture of passion, expertise, deep knowledge, respect and absolute devotion to Sardinian cork and its surrounding environment and these are all fundamental features to get to satisfy our customers. We are ready to listen to your needs and open up to change and innovation

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