We prepare our cork planks with passion and commitment

The cork planks stabilize in our courtyards for at least 6 months before undergoing the first boiling, which is a fundamental process to extract water – soluble substances, increase the thickness and improve cork flexibility and elasticity.

Ecosugheri carefully controls every single phase of the process, especially the period between the first boiling and the final selection of the cork planks. The cork planks are stored in covered and well-ventilated warehouses in order to reduce the proliferation of microorganisms. They gradually dry until they reach the right thickness and humidity level for the industrial processing.

Our know-how plays an important role in the final stage of the process as well, right before the commercialization of the product, that is in the ranking of the prepared cork planks according to thickness and quality. This operation is conceived as to satisfy even the most specific exigencies of the cork stopper manufacturers.

We create batches of cork planks dutifully separated according to the type and quality of the product and place them on wooden pallets or shape specific cork bales in order to make the shipping of such goods easier in Italy and abroad.